Unemployment and the Economy.

Every now and again, Outlook Portland takes some time to address an issue that is neither zombie or bacon oriented. That issue, of course, usually relates in some way to Kelly Clarke’s definition of “personal space”…and ends in lots of awkwardness for everyone.

This time, however, the subject is somewhat different. If you live in Oregon, the odds are high that you are either unemployed or facing a cutback in your employment; if you live elsewhere, the odds may be slightly more in your favor, but only slightly.

Adding to that trouble is the fact that seemingly no one understands the complexities of unemployment-related bureaucracy:

How long can you get benefits?

How can you get an extension?

Where does the money for unemployment benefits come from, anyway? (Hint: your first guess is almost certainly wrong… mine was.)

And… as the recession continues, will the benefits run out? What if there simply are no more jobs?

Join us this Sunday, as Outlook Portland discusses unemployment benefits, the recession, and Oregon jobs. Our special guests Patrick Emerson (no relation, he’s proud to say) and Tom Byerly will shine some light on all of the above questions… and will give us a glimpse of what the future might hold for Oregon’s economy (and our own personal financial stability.)


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