Live Wire! and Stella

In Portland, we have the astounding good fortune to be surrounded by art…and by those who create it. On this Sunday’s Outlook Portland (6:30am, on NW32 TV), we’ll be graced by the presence of two such individuals: Courtenay Hameister and Tyler Hughs. Tyler is a writer, announcer, and performer for Live Wire Radio; the same program for which Ms. Hameister serves as Associate Producer, Head Writer, and Host. (She is also an accomplished filmmaker, coiner of words, and general dazzler.)

Join us for a wide-ranging discussion of comedy, creative culture, and the art of the perfectly-crafted sentence. Additionally, we’ll talk about Live Wire Radio’s upcoming holiday special and Courtenay’s soon-to-be-released short film, Stella’s Flight.

The show will also feature another “Outlook Portland Editorial Reply”, brought to you by our marquee sponsor, Things From Another World. This week’s guest editorialist: Leader of the Decepticons, Meagatron.

Outlook Portland, Sunday at 6:30am, only on NW32 TV…the home of Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, and Rick Emerson.

Next Week: Zack Whedon (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog; Serenity: The Sheperd’s Tale)


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