In what is perhaps the most poignant episode in its five-season run, The Twilight Zone gave us “Time Enough at Last”, the story of Henry Bemis…a man who only wanted peace, and quiet, and the chance to read. In one agonizing scene, his work supervisor denounces him, saying, “You, Mr. Bemis, are a reader! A reader of books, magazines, periodicals, and newspapers!”

Even as a child I was extraordinarily proud to be all of those things, and, as an adult, I believe that reading can, occasionally, be all that stands between us…and stultifying ignorance.

Joining us on Sunday’s Outlook Portland (6:30am, on NW32 TV) will be a man who helps fortify that defense: Michael Schaub, managing editor for, an online repository of literary criticism, essays, and ruminations which has been mentioned in publications on both sides of the Atlantic, and around the world.

The show will also feature another “Outlook Portland Editorial Reply”, brought to you by our marquee sponsor, Things From Another World. This week’s guest editorialist: Megatron, leader of the Decepticons.

Outlook Portland, Sunday at 6:30am, only on NW32 TV…the home of Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, and Rick Emerson.

Next week: Singer/songwriter Morgan Grace.


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