Aaron Mesh, Willamette Week

It’s what I sometimes refer to as the “tyranny of choice”: a distinctly American problem in which one’s options -one’s available avenues for entertainment, food, or gaudy consumer goods- seem almost limitless.

Instead of paucity-induced paralysis, you can suffer a kind abundance-induced indecision…until once again opting to sit at home in your He-Man boxers, watching Blackadder reruns and eating cold cereal.

In times of such puzzling plenty, the answer is clear: let someone else think for you.

In this case, that someone else is Portland’s Willamette Week, specifically WW‘s Finder Magazine, which tells you where to go, what to buy, and rightly, how to believe.

Joining us on Sunday’s Outlook Portland (Sunday at 6:30am, on NW32 TV) to discuss the overwhelming array of Oregon options -and the paper that streamlines the whole situation- Willamette Week Screen Editor Aaron Mesh.

The show will also feature another “Outlook Portland Editorial Reply”, brought to you by our marquee sponsor, Things From Another World. This week’s guest editorialist: leader of the Decepticons…Megatron.

Outlook Portland
, Sunday at 6:30am, only on NW32 TV…the home of Gossip Girl, Melrose, and Rick Emerson.


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