You’re the Best!

As covered exhaustively in this space, the Sleep Country Pajama bowl was held just days ago, and the Outlook Portland team (formerly known as the Rick Emerson Show team), laid a blistering defeat on its rivals.

These fine folks also raised $750.00 for foster kids who sometimes lack life’s bare necessities. (Note: even though the Pajama Bowl is over for this year, you can donate anytime, by visiting this site.)

And how convincingly did the Outlook Portland team crush the competition? Let’s take a look:

Outlook Portland ranked 9th out of 67 teams (and that’s taking into account how unbelievably drunk everyone was.) For those who prefer a more detailed comparison, that put the Outlook Portland team ahead of:

  • KUPL Team A – (16th place)
  • KUFO Team A (22nd place)
  • KUPL Team B – (25th place)
  • KGW (31st place)
  • KUFO Team B (32nd place)
  • The Buzz (33rd place)
  • KOIN (34th place)
  • 104.1 The Fish (35th place)
  • KUPL Team C (38th place)
  • KXTG (40th place)
  • KXL AM (49th place)
  • Entercom Team A (56th place)
  • Entercom Team B (58th place)

Yes, that’s correct: in this event, which is, of course, centered on raising money For The Children, the Outlook Portland team handily defeated, among others, the local Christian station. I’m just sayin’.

(Of course, the above folks are actually employed, so that’s a bit of a wash.)

My thanks to everyone involved in this year’s Pajama Bowl — everyone who donated, lent a hand, or came down to cheer the team to such stunning results.

And, of course, a very special thanks to Scott, Jenny, Tom, Rob, and Michael — for raising money toward a great cause, for not laughing too heartily at my ludicrous frog-cupid pajamas…and for being part of what is, year in and year out, the Best Audience Ever.

We salute you.


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