Wild Space A Go Go.

The next time you’re bored -or feel like your life just doesn’t have quite enough challenges- try this:

Write a story.

Make it cohesive, with some sort of narrative arc. Make sure to encompass a broad range of influences — from Burlesque, to 60s pop, to the sexual revolution, to science-fiction. Give the whole thing enough substance that it lasts for a little over two hours.

Make sure it’s entertaining…good enough that people would pay for it.

Oh, and it’s got to be a musical. You know…with words, and melodies, and choruses that stick in your head.

And do it all from scratch.

Now….in case you’re not inclined to try all of that, take a moment to thank the God of your understanding that there are people who do.

Two of them are on this week’s Outlook Portland (Sunday at 6:30am, only on NW32 TV). J.P. Linde and Kurt Misar are part of the creative teams behind the new musical Wild Space a Go-Go, which plays at The Embers Avenue here in Portland….through May 30th. If you’ve ever wanted to cross Barbarella with Rocky Horror with Austin Powers…these are men after your own heart.

We’ll discuss camp, comedy, and the mind-bending logistics of staging a profanity-free sex farce; as a bonus, there will be frequent references to “phallicism.”

PLUS: Guest commentator Godzilla, King of the Monsters, gives his thoughts in the “Outlook Portland Editorial Reply”, brought to you by our marquee sponsor, Things From Another World.

NEXT WEEK: The unarguably-righteous sport of…Dragon Boating. Damn straight.


And don’t forget, The Sleep Country Pajama Bowl happens this Sunday, 2pm, at Big Al’s Bowling and Billiards (16615 SE 18th Street, Vancouver, WA).

Spearheaded by longtime Superfans Jenny and Scott, Outlook Portland now has its own Sleep Country Pajama Bowl team.

The Sleep Country Pajama Bowl benefits foster children via a network of non-profit organizations, making sure that these kids have better access to childhood essentials.

The old cliche is true: any amount helps…so take a moment, CLICK RIGHT HERE, WHERE THE ANNOYING ALL-CAPS ARE, and consider making a donation.

Most important, where the donation form asks for “team name“, be sure to write “Outlook Portland“. This will bring us the glory we so richly deserve, and will aid us in the merciless mocking of our enemies.


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