Cute Overload this Sunday.

There comes a day in every broadcaster’s life when he must face the inevitable threshold; when he must look into the chasm, into the void…and embrace the great, unavoidable benchmark of his existence.

He must do a charming and heartwarming animal story.

Sunday, April 4th, 2010 is that day, on Outlook Portland, anyway.

Often, the animals in such stories are costumed or other otherwise bedecked in irresistibly-adorable clothing…and I will not disappoint you on that score.

The occasion? An event called Boutiques Unleashed…created by, and for the benefit of, a Portland institution: Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital, specifically, their Pet Loss Support Program, which helps pet owners of every stripe work through the grief that accompanies the death of a beloved animal.

We’ll be joined by Tiffini Mueller, Director of Marketing & Development for Dove Lewis; by Enid Traisman, founder of the Dove Lewis Pet Loss Support Program, and by Suzanne Hein of LexiDog Boutique and Social Club.

And, on the off-chance you needed more impetus to watch this Sunday’s episode, I give you this:

There. That did it, right? I thought so.

Boutiques Unleashed, on this week’s episode of Outlook Portland, Sunday at 6:30am, only on NW32 TV…the home of Gossip Girl, Melrose, and Rick Emerson.

NEXT WEEK: John Rogers, Show Runner, Leverage


2 thoughts on “Cute Overload this Sunday.

  1. So this is were you are! I have been a long time follower but lost contact during the last “time change” I was yelling at you over the air waves ‘don’t do it”. Now i need to find NW32 TV. 66 yr Old retired Cop, fit that in your demographics. Loyal Fan>

    • Wayne — I think I can safely say at this point I am NOT a morning person. If nothing else, that much has been determined.

      Glad you found me/the show. Be sure to catch next week’s episode — we’ll be talking with Retired Chief Deputy Rod Englert about his years working for Multnomah County, specifically about crime scene analysis.

      Thanks for being out there — stay in touch.


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