Back on the radio*…kinda…and just for one night.

Many -if not most- of you are familiar with PDX.FM. For quite awhile now, they’ve been serving up some of the finest talk radio* that our fair city has to offer. (Recent converts may best know PDX.FM as the adopted home of The Cort and Fatboy Show; read more about the whole shebang right here.)

ANYWAY… I’ll be paying them a visit this Friday night (March 19) at 8pm, when I sit in alongside Robert Wagner, Sabrina Miller, Jay Mackin, and Kristen Bowie for an episode of PDX.FM After Hours.

Click here to find out more…and by “find out more” I mean “take in the sumptuous beauty of my spongy face, rendered in relatively-forgiving black-and-white.”

Friday, March 19 at 8 PM — PDX.FM. Be there!

*Typing the words “terrestrial”, “Internet”, “new media”, or “much-vaunted-super-cyber-hella-rad-o-matic-information-highway” gets to be rather tiresome. Non-telephonic aural conversations transmitted from one place to another via an effectively-invisible signal shall henceforth, in this space, at least, be referred to as “talk radio”


One thought on “Back on the radio*…kinda…and just for one night.

  1. If you keep making that face you’ll have a permanent crease in your forehead and look years older- long before the rest of your hair falls out….

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