Tim Oakley and Sigfried Seeliger Part Deux

Last week’s installment of Outlook Portland was -to put it mildly- unconventional. It featured, among other things, numerous references to goats, the show’s guests wearing masks of my face, a story from behind the scenes of the movie Twilight, and, at one moment, someone pulling a complete shooting script for Citizen Kane from their shoulder bag.

It was a filmic undertaking that was equal parts magic, mania, implosion, genius, and pure, uncontrolled chaos…

In that way, it was similar to many if not most endeavors in the creative world. And, in true film industry fashion we realized we had no choice but to sequelize it.

This Sunday, we once again welcome Mr. Tim Oakley and Mr. Sigfried Seeliger to Outlook Portland.

As exceptionally accomplished movie and television veterans -their skills with art design, lighting, prop creation, and myriad other creative elements is truly amazing- Tim and Sigfried have a unique insight into the real, behind-the-scenes worlds of film and television.

(If you missed Part One of this extravaganza, you can see it anytime at OutlookPortland.com.)

Outlook Portland, Sunday at 6:30am, only on NW32 TV…the home of Gossip Girl, Melrose, and Rick Emerson.

NEXT WEEK: A double-dose of delectable goodness — the folks from Secret Aardvark Trading Company and the founders of Holy Kakow (Organic Chocolate Syrups and Powders.) Prepare to drool.

IN TWO WEEKS: Portland author, publisher, and McSweeney’s contributor (!) Mr. Kevin Sampsell.


One thought on “Tim Oakley and Sigfried Seeliger Part Deux

  1. Great two part interview! I especially enjoyed where the final segment went with discussions on film in pdx and where it’s going. Well played gentlemen.

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