Outlook Portland Presents: Robert “Bobby” Roberts & Cort & Robert.

Alright — I just wanted to see if that headline looked as confusing as it sounded.

On the next episode of Outlook Portland (Sunday at 6:30am, on NW32 TV), I’ll be joined by Cort Webber and Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts; we’ll recap the genesis, growth, cancellation, and relaunch of The Cort & Fatboy Show. We’ll also discuss the evolution and future of terrestrial radio, and hear the duo’s thoughts on transitioning from over-the-air broadcasting to net-broadcasting. And, because I’m a hopeless nerd for “why I got into radio” stories, Cort will talk about the person who first inspired him to pursue a career on the air.

PLUS: We’ll speak with Robert Wagner, whose PDX.FM -in addition to being the new home of the The Cort & Fatboy Show– is quickly becoming the preferred destination for many of Portland’s talk-radio listeners. We’ll hear his thoughts on the state of Portland broadcasting…and find out where he plans to focus PDX.FM’s considerable momentum.

Outlook Portland, Sunday at 6:30am, only on NW32 TV…the home of Gossip Girl, Melrose, and Rick Emerson.

NEXT WEEK: Bill Oakley, former writer/Executive Producer for The Simpsons. 

IN TWO WEEKS: Dave Dahl, owner of Dave’s Killer Bread.


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