Viso + Lawyers + Gigantic Sandwiches = Sunday’s Outlook Portland

On Outlook Portland, we’re lucky enough to be blessed by some truly wonderful guests…folks whose accomplishments and personalities are part of the essential Portland spark.

This Sunday’s show is exceptional in that we’ll feature four such guests…each of them a business owner (or co-owner), and each of them dedicated to providing a service or product in a uniquely Portland manner.

We’ll talk with the man behind Viso, Alex Ilica, and he’ll reveal the history of his wholly-amazing, unbelievably addicting beverage. (Hint: it’s a cross between Fight Club and M.A.S.H.)

We’ll also be joined by Davis Woods-Morse, whose legal firm, Eliot Law Office, take a new and decidedly Portland-esque approach to the tricky issue of divorce. Plus, he talks even faster than I do…which is saying something.

Finally, we’ll speak with two Portlanders who are just beginning their journey into the world of self-owned business. Lisa & Brian Wood will soon be joining the rank’s of our city’s food cart entrepreneurs; they’ll discuss the perils, pitfalls, thrills, and excitement of starting a business from scratch, and we’ll also talk about their first major hurdle: a squabble with the city over the very name of their business.

So, if you’re needing your Rick Emerson fix, you’ve always wanted to know the history of Viso, or you’re just mixing your umpteenth Sunday-morning Bloody Mary and wondering what the hell is on TV…there’s one show that fits all your needs: Outlook Portland, Sunday at 6:30am, only on NW32 TV…the home of Gossip Girl, Melrose, and Rick Emerson!


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