Peter Carlin…once more…with feeling.

paulAs you may or may not be aware, last Sunday’s installment of Outlook Portland suffered what we’ve charitably classified as “a bit of a glitch”. As a result, last Sunday’s episode will air this weekend, after which, we will all go on with our lives and pretend that this little debacle never took place. Agreed? Excellent.

Here’s the blurb for this weekend’s exciting program:
If you haven’t already done so, take a moment and set your TiVo/DVR to record this Sunday’s episode of Outlook Portland (Sunday at 6:30am, only on NW32 TV).

My guest will be none other than The Oregonian’s Peter Carlin, whose new book, Paul McCartney: A Life, arrived in stores Tuesday, November 3. (In addition to his writings for The Oregonian, People Magazine, and other fine publications, Peter is known to music fans everywhere as the author of Catch a Wave: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson.)

I’ll be talking with Peter about music, journalism, and how a freshfaced young lad such as himself came to be the author of some of rock’s most definitive biographies.

So, if you’re needing your Rick Emerson fix, a fan of Peter Carlin/Paul McCartney, or you’re just drunk on a Sunday morning, fixing your umpteenth Bloody Mary and wondering what the hell is on TV…there’s one show that fits all your needs: Outlook Portland, Sunday at 6:30am, only on NW32 TV…the home of Gossip Girl, Melrose, and Rick Emerson!


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