The Warriors: Jailbreak


It’s the 30th anniversary of The Warriors…30 years…geez I’m feeling old. I was in love with that movie, alot of it had to do with a bare chested Michael Beck. It was definitely a quintessential 70’s/early 80’s movie with all the feathered hair and shirtless leather vests…oh yeah and the disturbing Baseball Furies…anyone remember them?

I bring this all up, because as a huge Warriors movie fan it was a thrill to meet this week’s guests, Erik Henriksen, Herb Apon and Todd Herman, co-creators of The Warriors: Jailbreak comic book series. Set your TIVO, your alarm clock or just stay up all night… whatever you do, do not miss this Sunday’s show, 6:30am, only on NW32 TV…home of Smallville: The Show That Never Dies.

Click here to purchase your copy now.



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