Geeks rule.


You know how much we love all things geek around here. Between the endless BSG discussions, arguing over season 7 of Buffy and anticipating the next Left 4 Dead release, it’s a wonder we ever get a show taped around here. Luckily, this Sunday, we get to call it all a part of the job as Rick welcomes Aaron Duran from Geek in the City and Angel May, co-owner of Guardian Games.

About Geek in the City:

Geek in the City is a worldwide phenomenon of pop culture rambling and rants with a helping of usable information. Also sick of great games, comics, movies, and music not finding an audience, Aaron has made Geek in the City the premiere destination site for lesser known, but wholly worthy subjects of entertainment.

About Guardian Games:

Selling games, hosting tournaments, and endorsing all things geeky since October 2005!

Guardian Games is Portland’s biggest and best game store. With 4000 sq. ft. of gaming space, we host games of all types, and sell all the swag to go with them.


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