Rick + Hot Tattooed Women = Awkward Awesome


Be sure to watch Outlook Portland this Sunday morning (6:30am on Northwest 32 TV.)

I’ll be talking with four members of The Gypsy Queens, a collective of female models who aim to change the way society views women with tattoos.

Pay special attention to the way I absolutely maintain eye contact…even when confronted with what can only be referred to as monumentally-distracting amounts of cleavage.

So, set your TiVos now…or simply stay awake, and revel, bleary-eyed, in the sheer, distilled awesome of Outlook Portland…Sunday morning at 6:30am, only on Northwest 32 TV.

Note: Check the photo gallery for more photos from the Gypsy Queens.


One thought on “Rick + Hot Tattooed Women = Awkward Awesome

  1. I have come to your site before. Classic femme photo. Wanted to tell you, you have a visually appealing website

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