Geek is chic.


Since we here at Outlook Portland are big fans of all things geek, I thought I would point out that we seem to have reached the Age of the Geek. With Steve Wozniak on Dancing with the Stars and the rise of the whole Apatow acting clan, geeks are everywhere. has put together a whole section on best geek trips to take, Aisha Tyler talks about why “geeks have recently, finally, come into vogue.”  and this book is apparently going to teach me how to be a geek goddess(like I’m not there already). Does this mean I can finally go public with my crush on John Oliver now?

Also, has anyone noticed that the “Freaks” or slackers from Freaks and Geeks all went on to have pretty successful movie and tv careers: Linda Cardellini(ER), Seth Rogan(Knocked Up), James Franco(Milk) and Jason Segal(Forgetting Sarah Marshall). Just thought that was kinda interesting. Or not.

–  Cheryl


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