Hello world!

Me, Russ and Socko

Welcome to the new Outlook Portland site. I’m glad you found us. I love our MySpace page but thought we’d expand our horizons into the wild blue yonder of the Interwebs. My ever so helpful assistant, Cheryl(aka Peggy for all you Mad Men fans) will try to keep this site up to date with everything that’s going on with the show. Here you will find links, pics and general posts about all things Portland(and probably a few non Portland posts as well just for the heck of it). Come visit often and we always enjoy hearing from you so feel free to leave your comments. Now go forth and spread the word!

Posted by: Rick


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Ok, as a fan of all things Emerson, I had to TIVO Outlook Portland. I watched the last 2 shows. Guests were Clyde and Kelly or Kristie. they kept changing the name under the female guest. I later sussed that it was indeed Kristie. Next, I was prepared to be very bored with the content, if not the subject, of returning gulf war vets. I was NOT bored as you kept your hand on the tiller of that interview. Very informative but need a bit more entertainment value from anything hosted by you. One last thing: If you could get them to keep your pen wielding disembodied hand out of the 1-shot of the guest please. Very distracting. Nice audio. Stupid backdrop. I’ll try to spread the word and be supportive but jeez, for those without the abilty to time shift, good luck cuz you can’t billboard the youtube archive unless you can do it in a better time slot. A circular problem indeed. You know, like a sign for an English language school written in English.

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